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”93% of online experiences begin with the search. The top 3 organically ranked businesses receive 60% of all the search traffic. For most businesses, after six months, search will become your most important, sustainable lead generation method, after referrals.”

How it Works

To best leverage its strengths and improve on any weaknesses, we need to understand your website in detail. Our team will not only review your website, but also your online presence and that of your competitors. We can then accurately identify any potential challenges, and decide on the most effective strategies for your SEO campaign. The tasks involved in site review include:
✓ Kickoff Meeting – Thorough review of company, competitors, customers
✓ Complete website audit and individual web page audits
✓ Competitor website audit and web page audits (high ranking sites only)
✓ Keyword research, analysis, and selection
✓ Google analytics review
Timeline for site review: 7 days

During this phase of the project we will develop an in-depth content, optimisation, and conversion strategy to achieve your goals. Some of the tasks included in site strategy:

✓ Multiple internal brainstorming sessions

✓ Develop baseline report

✓ Develop optimisation strategy

✓ Develop website authority strategy

✓ Develop creative and strategic content strategy

✓ Set goals (traffic, primary conversions, secondary conversions)

✓ Identify all key phrases and targeted landing pages

Timeline for Site Strategy: 14 days. Deliverable: Keywords To Target

This is where the hard work in the planning stages comes together, as all your website and landing pages are properly optimised for search engines. This phase involves putting the approved strategy brief into place, making sure there is a relevant and optimised landing page on your website for each targeted key phrase. Some of the tasks in site optimisation include:

✓ Optimise URLs, Title Tags & Headings: These are the most important SEO factors on your site.

✓ Optimise Meta Description: Many people forget to include meta descriptions for their pages.

✓ Optimise Image Alt Tags: Adds more relevancy to the page and increased probability of image rankings.

✓ Including search engine friendly URLs for each of your pages is highly recommended, as these bring better crawling

✓ On-going refinement of the website code, making it easy for Google algorithms, as the algorithms change.

Timeline for Site Optimisation: During the first 6 weeks Deliverable: Checklist of all completed items

Once your website is properly optimised, it’s important to keep the momentum going by continuously improving the authority of your site in the eyes of search engines. A properly optimised website with high authority will start to rank higher in search engines. Once we get you to the #1 position we then work to defend your rankings against your competitors. Some of the tasks included in monthly site optimisation:

✓ Continued execution of strategy brief, adjusting where necessary

✓ Work with a variety of third-party, quality, authoritative websites to share links back to your website

✓ Creative and strategic content creation (video, blogging, guest blogging, downloads, infographics, tools, etc)

✓ Qualitative and quantitative analysis

✓ Optimise creative and strategic content (whether on or offsite)

Deliverable: Dashboard of rankings and traffic showing results

Information & Pricing is all subject to change, please see terms & conditions or contact us for more information.

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