Sales and Marketing Automation with CRM

Copy writing for all areas of your business

Manage your customer’s journey within one platform

Simplify & automate processes to save you time & effort

Grow your business smarter, AND reduce your software expenses

1 - Plan

Clarity on your business goals and desired outcomes for the project

2 - Discover

Map your user and customer journeys

3 - Build

Digital solution built specific to your unique business processes

4 - Integrate

Connect all your communication channels and 3rd party applications

5 - Train

Knowledge transfer to empower your users and admins

6 - Validate

Check all processes, automations and integrations are working perfectly

7 - Validate

Comprehensive data migration from your legacy system

8 - Launch

We’ve got your back, and ready to support you and your teams

“ Zoho One is a unified suite of business applications that seamlessly connects diverse functions of your entire business like sales, marketing, HR, finance, support and more to dissolve all barriers that prevent collaboration across departments. ”

- Eudomia Group

Peter Rasmussen

CEO, Practical Systems Ltd

"I would recommend Zoho and Connecting Teams. As a smaller business of 33 employees, Practical Systems is exploiting the value of Zoho as a 'one-stop-shop' business process platform. Connecting Teams has provided relevant and timely advice to help us get up and running and continue to expand the...

Alexander Kohl

CEO, Jet Convert Pty Ltd

"Jason translates complicated processes into simple workflows. He and his team then deliver the technology that avoids unnecessary data entry. After implementation, he is always there with support to fine-tune what we have learnt from using the system. It is a pleasure working with him. Thank you...

About The Author

A physiotherapist by training, I have worked in healthcare for 27 years. I am also a Pilates instructor and SCUBA instructor. I’ve always loved playing with words, and my writing itch was not being sufficiently scratched by the medical reports and treatment proposals required in my job. Two years ago, I dipped my toes in other writing ponds, and haven’t looked back. Writing is now my job—if you can call it that, it’s so much fun. I’m currently completing an MA in Writing and Literature through Deakin University. I’m a wife, mother and grandmother. In my free time, I love hanging out with my family, hiking, reading, drinking coffee, and doing anything on or in the water.

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