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We take the overwhelm out of marketing.

We build interconnected professional communities that offer affordable and accessible marketing solutions for small business owners with a limited marketing budget. 

We promote, empower and connect our members for as little as $99 per year.

Our Communities

Professionals Thriving Together


Marketing Broker Australia

One of Australia's largest collection of independent marketing professionals. We help business owners make informed choices about the marketing of their business.

B2B Sunshine Coast

A proactive, dedicated group of B2B professionals, based on the Sunshine Coast. We host a free networking and training event every month via LinkedIn Local Sunshine Coast.

Buy Local Sunshine Coast

Buy Local Sunshine Coast connects businesses to an engaged community of loyal supporters and advocates of buying from local businesses.

Our Values & Principles


We operate with absolute integrity. We are honest and forthright about our intentions, our choices and our pricing.


We never settle. We embrace innovation, change, new ideas and approaches. We listen, research, learn then create.


We operate with discipline. We are responsive, take ownership of our work, and pay attention to the details. We aim to keep things simple and minimalistic.


We leverage our mastery to deliver meaningful value to our customers, partners and stakeholders. We focus on long-term, sustainable results with higher ROI.


We bring people together. We are kind and respectful to all those we interact with. We embrace diversity, technology and new ways of conducting business.


We lead through example. We grow the capability of our community by sharing what we learn openly and freely. We attend, sponsor, support and promote community initiatives.

Our Services

FREE Marketing Broker Consultations

We believe all businesses should receive FREE, independent, quality advice about the marketing of their business before they sign on the dotted line.

FREE Government Grant Consultations

We have a proven track record in helping business owners secure Queensland Government funding for marketing activities.

Website Design & Hosting

We develop campaign ready websites. A website optimised for your marketing. Professional copywriting & search optimised for the consumer journey.

Membership for Business Owners

We invite Sunshine Coast business owners to connect with our community of engaged and loyal supporters and advocates of buying from local businesses.

Membership for Marketers

We invite proven marketing professionals to join our community to collaborate, refer and share their expertise.

Membership for Professionals

We invite business professionals on the Sunshine Coast to join our community to collaborate, refer and share their expertise.

Eudomia comes from the Greek word "eudaimonia"

a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous.

our team

Team Members

Luke Hawley

Managing Director

Matthew Hooper

Community Director

Garry Hooper

Finance Director


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    One of the most common questions a person with vision impairment is asked how you read information on the internet.  They assume that the information is read out. Accessing information can be a unique challenge for individuals with vision impairment....
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    Digital accessibility plays a crucial role in improving workplace health and safety. By ensuring that digital tools, platforms, and information are accessible to all employees, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, organisations can creat...
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    With the constant talk about the rising cost of living and the economy’s unpredictability post-global pandemic, it’s no surprise that ‘side hustles’ are becoming more mainstream. The emergence of “side hustles” isn’t just a trend but a direct respons...
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    Although awareness of environmental issues has become more prominent, only 15% of Australians are familiar with the term “circular economy”. The circular economy has emerged as a powerful trend that has become intertwined with the theoretical concept...
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    Step into a realm where the attraction of limitless beauty products and the excitement of shopping intersect, giving birth to a captivating trend: beauty hauls. With over 2.5 billion views under #beautyhaul on TikTok, it ponders the existence of ethi...
  • The Circular Economy: Paving the way forEnvironmental Sustainability
    Hey there, eco-conscious readers! Welcome to a world where resources never go to waste, where old things get a new lease on life, and where the way we consume is transformed. A game-changing trend on the Horizon is about turning things around (quite ...
  • Australia?s Sober Future ? Zero Alcohol making its Mark.
    How often have you woken up after a big night out with the fuzziness of the night before looming over you? The after-effects come on with a vengeance after partying up a storm with your family, friends or colleagues. With Zero alcohol, you can put th...
  • Embracing Side Hustles: Turning Passion Into Profitable Opportunities For Everyone
    In March 2021, nearly half (48%) of Australians surveyed either have or plan to start a side hustle. This upcoming trend has turned the heads of many Australians wishing to transform their passions into profit. Side hustles have been around since the...
  • 5 ways Side Hustles Can Give You a Competitive Advantage
    More professionals are starting their own side hustles to achieve their goals of being financially independent and pursuing their passions. Side hustles are freelancing side gigs people do in addition to their regular jobs to earn their income. The g...
  • Three Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Robot
    Technology. An ever-growing, ever-evolving concept that we scramble to adapt to every day. One of the latest changes? Robots. Specifically social robots. Robots, in their most basic form, have been around for some time now. But now we are seeing an i...
RSS B2B Sunshine Coast Blogs
  • Humanity - is it forgotten?
    Here’s a counterintuitive approach to your marketing.  And it revolves around the question…  “Do you meet your clients where they are at?” What does that mean? Consider this…   In our “always on” digital world, and hot on the heels of the recent Bl...
  • Important headline distinction
    Quick headline clinic for you today. More specifically it's a short discussion about the dangers of copying others' marketing messages. You're likely familiar with the term that's thrown around called "swipe and ...
  • Thoughts from the River Murray trip
    The countryside likely had not changed since Europeans arrived... At least in large part. It was a unique experience cruising along the River Murray upstream from Renmark in SA.  To be sure, it was an experience I'll treasure. Limited interne...
  • Thinking of fixing your home loan rate? Look before you leap.
    Anyone with a memory longer than 4 years will recall that home loan interest rates during Covid were ridiculously low. It also showed how little predictive power people who set these rates actually have. The common thinking in 2021 and into 2022 is t...
  • Crucial conversion element - is it missing in your copy?
    Even though I'm not a huge fan by any stretch, I have to admit it, Grant Cardone is spot on. There's no denying the man's success so even though he's not on my "favourites" list it's always interesting to hear ...
  • Write smarter: short but powerful tip
    Here is the key to successful communication... Well, one of the "big" keys anyway. This morning I was reading a very short post from a US marketer who urged the use of graphics to reinforce messages in your copy... "In today’s fast-paced, low-attenti...
  • Business and marketing lesson from nature
    As hard as he tried he just couldn't do it. And the look on his face was one of defeat.  Earlier today we were sitting out the back having cuppa and the family of swans that lives on our water system floated on by.  The family consists of the...
  • Boost engagement: pull these 3 copywriting levers
    Here's a crash course to boost conversions... it starts... now... Having worked as a deputy principal in high schools and 20 years teaching teenagers, plus my time as one of Australia's leading boxing writers and my decade in the tren...
  • Copywriting tip: this rule counts
    Here's a fresh twist on the old copywriting saying... "Confused people do nothing." Which is why your messaging needs to follow this important rule... if you want conversions.  Confusion causes a "pause" in your reader.  Which gives their m...
    As someone who has had the opportunity to work with these recycled fabrics in my Curtain manufacturer, I can attest to their quality and beauty. I have already received some samples of these fabrics and plan to use them for Curtains and Roman Blinds....

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