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The Eudomia Group will help grow your business with the design and implementation of digital and printed marketing solutions.

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Over 35 years of industry experience within the team, working with large multi-national corporations and small local businesses. The team brings a cross-section of skills and experiences to help grow your business. The Eudomia Group specialises in digital and printed marketing strategies. Our services include; web design, SEO, social media, email marketing, logo design, printed branding design, and business photography and video content creation.

Website Design and Social Media

Just 21% of small businesses have a strategic plan for their website and social media. 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase. Consumers are using online reviews, website and social media profiles as indicators of quality, trust, customer service and experience. At Eudomia Group, we design and create to reflect your competitive advantage, so it is easier for them to choose you.

Logo Design and Printed Branding

In 2008, BP spent $211 million for their logo re-design. A brand logo is a visual representation of your business and a crucial means to communicate your identity to your target market. Logos are more than just a way to identify a business, if designed well, can elicit affective responses in consumers, elevating their perception of quality. At Eudomia Group, we develop and design professional, modern, high-impact business logos and printed materials that you can be proud of.

Photography, and Video Content

The average person has a 7 sec attention span. The average goldfish, 8 sec. The human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than text. You have limited time to attract and convert potential customers. High impact videos, image slideshows and explainer videos designed with this in mind, will improve your outcomes. Also, your online followers are 39% more likely to share video content than images or text. At Eudomia Group we develop and design a variety of professional business videos to increase consumer attraction and conversion.

Web Design

Professional, simple, high-impact websites. Eudomia Group leverages marketing strategy, graphic design, back-end programming, and search optimisation to produce industry-leading websites for small businesses. Eudomia Group also provides website hosting and support to ensure fast load-times and optimal security.

Social Media

Professional, simple, attractive, converting social media profiles. Eudomia Group specialises in multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ and Pin Interest. We are performance driven, focused on generating quality leads for your business.

Graphic Design

Professional, modern, high-impact graphic design. Eudomia Group specialises in logo design, business branding, promotion materials and advertising to support a variety of purposes. We value research and consultation with every project to ensure you get the best result.

Photo & Video

Professional, high impact, attractive and converting business photography and video. Don't rely on iPhone snaps for your business. Eudomia Group uses high-quality HD ground and drone cameras. Eudomia Group offers a variety of photography and video packages including; multi-purpose media library creation, scripted business profiles and explainer videos.


Professional, high-impact, high-quality, printing solutions for your brand. Eudomia Group specialises in designing printed materials including; business cards, filers, signs, car signage, product guides, uniforms to name a few. Eudomia has a network of local printers to ensure you get great value for high quality printed merchandise for your brand.

Lead Gen

Professional, simple, affordable, lead generation for sole traders and small businesses. Eudomia Group monitors over 90 Facebook groups on the Sunshine Coast and several of the leading local service-listing sites to help find, validate and share leads with you. Our most cost-effective service offering, starting at just $50 per month.

Digital AND PRINTED Marketing Sunshine Coast

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We are unified creators, designers and marketers under a shared vision to unleash the potential of small businesses. Our mission is to help local businesses grow with the design and implementation of digital and printed marketing solutions. Our services include; web design, SEO, social media, email marketing, logo design, printed branding design, and business photography and video content creation. 

Growing with purpose

Eudomia comes from the Greek word “Eudaimonia.” Greek for being healthy, happy and prosperous. All business owners share the desire to have their business succeed in a way that improves their health, happiness and wealth. 

By taking a personal approach to growing your business, we invest our time and effort to ensure we know your customers, your brand, your ideas and your goals.

We view our clients as partners. Your success is our success. We aim to share our expertise, experiences and skills with the local business community. We are active members of local networking groups. Our team members teach at local TAFE and University. We will continue to find new ways to help more business owners grow. 

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Our principles are honest, transparent and flexible. We focus on performance. We price base on actual time put in. Give all our clients direct access to our reports, and we adapt to meet your expectations where-ever possible.


Our creative nature is propelled by our passion for problem-solving and love of learning. We design based on insight. We value research and consultations to deliver the best possible service for our clients.

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We specialise in digital and printed marketing strategies and solutions, tailored for small businesses. Our experience, skills and collaborative approach ensures you get the most value with every dollar you spend with the Eudomia Group.


We live on the Sunshine Coast. We aim to meet all of our clients regularly. Provide on-going advice and support to help grow your business.


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Digital AND PRINTED MARKETING Sunshine Coast

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At the Eudomia Group, we understand the importance of customer service. You are welcome to call, email, message or organise an appointment with our dedicated account managers to discuss how we can help you. 

We will come to you, anywhere on the Sunshine Coast. For our first meeting, we will offer a free consultation. Our advice will be honest, transparent and we will offer flexible solutions to meet your business’ needs.