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We help our partners to start, stay-in and grow their businesses better, by providing them with a supportive community, quality referrals and professional development & resources to succeed.


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Marketing Broker Australia

One of Australia's largest collection of independent marketing professionals. We help business owners make informed choices about the marketing of their business.

B2B Sunshine Coast

A proactive, dedicated group of B2B professionals, based on the Sunshine Coast. We host a free networking and training event every month via LinkedIn Local Sunshine Coast.

Our Values & Principles


We operate with absolute integrity. We are honest and forthright about our intentions, our choices and our pricing.


We leverage our mastery to deliver meaningful value to our customers, partners and stakeholders. We focus on long-term, sustainable results with higher ROI.


We never settle. We embrace innovation, change, new ideas and approaches. We listen, research, learn then create.


We bring people together. We are kind and respectful to all those we interact with. We embrace diversity, technology and new ways of conducting business.


We operate with discipline. We are responsive, take ownership of our work, and pay attention to the details. We aim to keep things simple and minimalistic.


We lead through example. We grow the capability of our community by sharing what we learn openly and freely. We attend, sponsor, support and promote community initiatives.

Eudomia comes from the Greek word "eudaimonia"

a contented state of being happy, healthy and prosperous.


Luke Hawley is multi-talented and his ability to identify business owners’ needs and connecting them with the right resources is superb. Marketing Broker Australia is the perfect answer to any business looking for a trusted and proven approach to finding marketing professionals that walk their talk. Keep up the great work Luke.

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Elle Du Plessis Managing Director

I've been working with Marketing Broker Australia since their inception. As a copywriter, I sometimes need to work with other creatives on client projects. I know my collaborations with MBA will deliver excellent results clients are totally happy with. Luke and the team are very knowledgeable and experienced with marketing, so I also have confidence referring people needing marketing advice. I trust they'll be given genuine, personalised advice, and not simply pushed into a package that doesn't suit their needs. MBA operate with professionalism and integrity, which is super important to me.

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Sophia Auld Managing Director

I have had the pleasure to work with Luke Hawley and Matthew Hooper in the development of my website. After my initial conversation with Luke, I knew he was the right person to create my website for my business. Trust and respect was built and I was never disappointed with the service quality. Luke and Matt met me at my level of expertise and broke down each stage of the journey so that I could understand and still feel in control of what the end result would be. The explanation videos both Luke and Matt created were also great as I could refer back to them when needed. The end result is superb and professional , my website reflects my brand and the consistency across all social media platforms screams professionalism. Thank you for making this journey less of a mystery and painless.

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Lesa Prendergast Managing Director

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